eCommerce sales improvements on Black Friday!

Published in november, 14 of 2013

essential steps of planning

What is Black Friday?

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. It is also a day when a shopping season starts. There are 24 hours of great deals on shopping both: online and offline in ordinary shops. Almost every store offers huge discounts on its items (up to 90%) to attract customers. In many cases, people wait in queues for hours before stores open to occasionally buy a product. For all bargain lovers, the Big Friday is definitely a special day they can not miss out.  

Why purchasing on Black Friday can be a great idea? 

Despite the constant development of technology and the increasing number of people using the Internet nowadays, there are many consumers that do not feel like buying online. They just like going to the shopping moles and walk from one shop to another in search of various goods. For many of them it's like a hobby and this way, they entertain themselves and also release stress.

Discounts on Black Friday will be up to 90% and because of this huge price drop it's certainly worth staying in lines for hours for many people around the world. In case you do not want to wait, you can make a purchase online. The main advantage of buying online is that you will receive your item at home, without having to worry about anything. There are some stores that offer discount on shipping or even free shipping when you spend a certain amount at a time. 

How to take advantage of the Black Friday and increase your sales? 

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity for eCommerce companies to get noticed. However if you run an online shop, it's necessary that you organize yourself well and create an action plan in order to ensure that nothing goes wrong. 

Essential steps of planning! First of all you need to get ready and make sure you will not run out of stock when the Black Friday comes. Whatever you sell, ensure you have enough products with the biggest discounts before offering them, because the last thing you want to happen is running out of stock and complaints that will lead to your customers being unhappy.  

Also, get ready to receive a high number of visitors. Make sure your server will be able to handle a higher traffic this day.

Let your customers know well in advance! Tell your customers a few days in advance about your eCommerce offer. Make sure you tell them about policies, discounts, products on offer and sales. Do not forget to include the information about delivery and exchange policies. This information is a must! When you get closer to the date, (ex. a day or two days before) you can send another email to your customers reminding them about upcoming sales and discounts.
By doing so, you will open a communication between yourself and your customers in case they have any doubts and encourage them to choose a product from your shop, so when the “Bid Day” comes they will already know what they want to buy. 

Email customization! Create special emails highlighting random offers available in your eCommerce according to your customers' interests. This way you will surely increase sales and may gather loyal customers.

Explore other channels!
If you already know what products you are going to offer on sale, it's time you reminded your customers about the Black Friday by sending to them text messages! Again, this is only possible for companies that posses complete records of their customers (including personal data and mobile phone numbers). Upon creating a text message ensure to make it as personal and as unique as possible. You can for example use their personal names and mention some special products that are of interest to them.

Be flexible! It does not apply only for the Black Friday. In general, mobile devices are getting more popular every day and it's essential to think of “being mobile” these days. Make your communications visible on Smartphones and tablets not to miss any possible lead!  

Use and enjoy the power of Social Media! Use free Social Network channels to publicize your products and discounts, informing customers about various offers and encourage them to make a purchase. Bear in mind, that Social Media can also become a customer service channel! Be available to serve customers whenever and wherever they need assistance especially during the Black Friday when you may receive a high volume of customer enquiries. This day it's not only the day when your sales increase. It can be also a day when new doubts or even complaints appear and you have to be ready to face them in order to gain new customers.  

Release your stock! Normally, sales increase with upcoming Christmas, and consequently online stores increase their stock. If you need some extra space in the warehouse or just want to sell products that have not been successfully sold, the Black Friday is a perfect occasion to do so. After the Black Friday, you can replace the stock with new products and focus your promotions on Christmas. 

Finally, Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to acquire new customers and retain existing ones by offering them unique offers. Just think about the opportunity! If clients are well attended and have a good experience in your eCommerce, not only they will return to your store but also recommend it to their family and friends! In case you can not afford to offer discounts of 40% to 60%, you can consider for example “buy one get one free” or “buy two get one free” offers. Your customers will be certainly happy with these benefits, no matter how small!

Whatever you decide to do on Black Friday, remember not to make false promises that you cannot keep and discounts that can get you into troubles and damage your company's image. Now all you have to do is to get your eCommerce ready for the upcoming Friday and enjoy conversion rates.


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