Emailmanager was born of the desire of eCentry® to meet demands and needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in terms of digital relationship management. Emailmanager provides the market with a platform that has been wisely developed to send e-mail marketing in a practical, fast and efficient way to communicate with customers.

Founded in 1999, eCentry® is a pioneer in the email marketing business in Brazil. Based in Florianópolis, with branches in São Paulo, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Madrid (Spain) and with hundreds of customers in over 80 countries, the company sustains and strengthens its presence on the international market!

About eCentry®:

  • Leader in email marketing
  • Funded in 1999
  • Head office based in Florianópolis
  • Branches in São Paulo, Madrid and Buenos Aires
  • Customers in over 80 countries

eCentry® is positioned as a leading email marketing company on the market. Its smart solutions allow you to set up auto-responses to your email contacts, execute email campaigns, integrate a database, manage loyalty programs and create online surveys. It also has several features related to digital relationship management.

Our team of professionals brings extensive experience to the information technology market as well as expertise in planning and software development for business management.