Emailmanager, together with the best practices of the Internet and following "requests of its users,” publicly announces its Privacy Policy.

The emailmanager is committed to protecting any information from its users, except upon formal written authorization provided by them. This ensures the privacy of their personal data: name, address, email address, Internet service provider, telephone, or any other personal information that may be collected.

Therefore, all your personal data will only be used for your identification in areas with restricted content. If requested, we will also use your data to keep you informed about the services, news and benefits of emailmanager. You will have the opportunity at any time to unsubscribe from receiving our notifications by using the “opt-out” tool that is found in every email sent by us.

Emailmanager will not share, sell or rent your information without your authorization.

All information in the emailmanager database is the property of our customers. This information is considered as our most valuable digital asset and is protected by law and technical devices in accordance with current legislation.

Emailmanager declares awareness of the importance of protecting the online privacy in order to ensure the confidentiality of your information and appreciates your trust in our services.

Stamatios Stamou Júnior

Learn more about the emailmanager Privacy Policy. It is important and recommended that you read and understand the way we deal with your information while it is registered in our database.

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