Get on time and improve the performance of your email marketing!

Published in february, 24 of 2016 email marketing, improve performance of email marketing, best time to send email marketing, increase open and conversion rates of email marketing, timing in email marketing, A / B testing,

How to really make the email reach your customer, current or potential one, at the right moment, when he is open to receive and give attention to the content? This can be the difference between a failed action and one with excellent results. Don’t waste time and hit squarely at your contacts inbox!

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6 tips on creating eye-catching titles for your email marketing campaign

Published in january, 19 of 2016 eye-catching titles, email marketing, e-mail marketing

While writing a text or e-mail, we always face the same question: “What title suits my campaign best?” At first, it seems something very simple. You may think that to create a title is not a big deal: “I will just make up something relevant to the text body and that's it”. But, is it really that simple? Remember, this small detail can make a big...

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