Every day, providers act more effectively and through strict rules to prevent unsolicited emails from being sent. So those who do not adapt will struggle to deliver their campaigns.

We, from emailmanager, follow, unconditionally, the rules of email providers in order to protect the interest of our customers.

If you reached this page, it means the analysis of your campaign in real-time indicated it has exceeded or will exceed some pre-established parameters of these recommendations.

Therefore, to protect your submission, your campaign has been canceled. If it was sent, we would have our IPs blocked, and the risk of your email being fully delivered to the "Junk Mail" would be too high, not to mention it would considerably affect your campaigns.

In order to promote your understanding about this so you can fix the next emails, we will explain how and why the providers block or donít block your emails.

1 - Unknown users

The number of invalid emails on your list directly affects the delivery of your campaign. By overcoming certain amount or rate of invalid emails, your campaign will stop at the "Junk" or itíll simply not be delivered. For the provider, it means your list has low quality or was purchased or is very outdated.

2 Ė SPAM reports

From the first complaint of SPAM, your campaign already starts to suffer the consequences. Depending on your previous history, it can immediately go to the "Junk", be discarded or has its server blocked.

3 - Engagement

Another very important issue to determine the delivery of your campaign is the engagement rate. It indicates whether people are receptive to the content and frequency of your emails. Itís measured mainly by the percentage of openings and clicks on the total number of emails sent. If the engagement is low, your campaigns will be treated as unwanted by going to "Junk", or they will be discarded.

What should you do to prevent your campaign from being canceled again:

ē Check if you uploaded a new list and if it has quality.
Tip: lists purchased from third parties, an old one or from unknown origin probably will cause you problems.

ē If you uploaded such a list, remove it from the system and avoid new lists of dubious quality.
Tip: when you upload a new list, your sending is followed more intense by our monitoring system.

ē Check why people are complaining or canceling.
Tip: Is the content interesting? The frequency is too high? Do they expect to receive this email?

ē Remove from your contact list people without engagement.
Tip: you better send fewer emails and keep in the list only those who want to receive them.

ē Keep an eye on reports and identify the lists that may be causing problems.

Questions and answers

1 - Why email providers are more rigid?
Email providers receive billions of emails daily, most of them without engagement or simply unsolicited. Maintenance costs of an infrastructure like this are huge. Moreover, as the focus is on their users, the lock is a protection to unsolicited emails.

2 - Why did you cancel the campaigns?
In addition to adapt to the rules of email providers, we can avoid any delivery problem to our customers.

3 - I am paying so I demand my emails to be sent...
Unfortunately, you canít send unwanted emails through our system. You can check our Terms of Service. By using our platform, you can only work with healthy contacts bases.

4 - I am making this submission to "clean" my database and to keep only what is good. Why am I not allowed to send it?
This sending will seriously affect our infrastructure and the delivery of emails from our customers. You canít use emailmanager to "clean" your database.

5 - But I used the "X" supplier and he allowed me to.
Unfortunately, we donít allow. We recommend you to make the cleaning with this supplier and to bring only the emails with opt-in to our system.

6 - I'm upgrading provider, what do I do?
Ask your old provider a list of invalid emails, who asked cancellation, who complained and who didnít interact. Remove these contacts from your list. Upload the list only after removal.

7 - But this list is from one of my customers and itís 100% opt-in.
This means that you are using third-party list, and you may have problems.

8 - The list is mine and itís 100% opt-in.
If the system detects problems on your list itís because there are problems. If you wish, you can open a call with our support team and tell where it was collected so we can check the validity. If possible, also enter the IP of the registrant, date and time of register.

9 - There are so many rules and I donít want to follow them. This is very annoying.
We agree with you, but the rules arenít mine, theyíre from providers and we have to adapt to ensure delivery of our customers. If you want your emails to arrive at their destination, you need to adapt.

Thank you for understanding.

Emailmanager team
The difference between SENDING and DELIVERY.

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