Customer relationship: the importance of digital presence

Published in october, 18 of 2015

That digital presence is essential when we are already tired of talking. This is very important because of the major online media that enables a two-way relationship where the consumer can communicate with the company and wide open, exposing their problems as well as complaints and questions.

This reality we live in is positive for both parties , of course , if you know to use the resources and opportunities that the digital medium offers. For companies who still think that the customer relationship ends at the time of sale, it is better to update and change this opinion, as will probably be back on the market.

However , companies are subject to possible problems, regardless of size and experience, precisely because of the ease that the Internet make people communicate. Unlike before, where a negative customer experience was practically a bye, today is an opportunity to reverse the situation, and turn a negative first impression on a second, third very positive impression. A dissatisfied customer , which was heard and well attended by the company, if you have a positive relationship, even after its issue, may help improve the image of your brand more than many satisfied customers, but got nothing more than the expected at time of purchase.

A good thing to strengthen the relationship of a company with its customers is sending email marketing. The email to be a way to more personal contact, can treat consumers with exclusivity, which is always very positive, and makes them feel special. Winning a customer is always difficult. Today your brand can offer the best value, however in a few months the scenario may be the opposite.

Send an email with an exclusive bonus for example, can be a great chance of attracting a customer who was dissatisfied by a simple delay or any errors that may have occurred in the application, therefore, beyond the customer feel valued , there is still a chance make a new purchase. Try to suit your needs and the possibilities that the tool provides you with email marketing and a good communication strategy is possible to get amazing results.

As you can see, the customer relationship is not easy and neither is there a ready formula for this, but are the actions of everyday life that make special labels! Be part of the lives of their clients , list yourself !

It is essential to have a complete set of actions to always serve customers in the best possible way. Products and services to compete with her, will always exist, but how to make them special? Turn the act of buying into a positive experience for the customer.


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