Follow us on Social Networks!

Published in september, 05 of 2013 follow emailmanager, emailmanager social networks

We are aware that in the everyday rush, sometimes you may have no time for us ... But we are not upset! No! Actually we know how it is ... So in today's post, we invite you to follow Emailmanager on social networks!

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Tips to improve your email marketing campaigns!

Published in september, 03 of 2013 email marketing tips

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with the readers who have opted to receive your newsletters. However, it is not always an easy task to create an effective campaign, write interesting content and keep your visitors “entertained”. Sometimes you may simply run out of writing ideas.

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What is an email Black List and how it can affect your campaigns?

Published in august, 30 of 2013 email black list

Black Lists were created to help businesses and people deal with unwanted messages, also known as junk or spam. Black lists group emails, IP addresses or domains that were previously reported as messages disseminators and considered spam (unwanted advertisement). Usually the complaint is made by recipients of these messages after receiving these...

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