Ways to improve your website conversion rate.

If you run an interesting website, you will have regular visitors who may interact with your site in many ways. But, as a professional we recommend that you always strive to increase the customer engagement, so that you are able to acquire new email addresses and build a “healthy” contact list. Read more

Facebook advertising campaigns that trigger conversions

Have you ever thought of investing in Facebook posts as a way of using additional advertising channels? By doing so, your post could be displayed in Facebook's right sidebar and reach a wide range of recipients every day. Read this post to find out more. Read more

Importance of ROI in email marketing.

The success of any eCommerce depends on selling products and happy customers who constantly come back to make purchases. But every transaction should be monitored and its price set up according to many metrics. Even though it may sound unbelievable, many professionals simply do not understand the ROI and how to calculate it. Read more

Benefits and importance of digital marketing: Beyond SEO and AdWords!

Digital marketing is a very broad term that includes products or brands promotion via one or more forms of electronic media. It involves the use of different channels and methods that help you to analyze and understand marketing campaigns, so that you can improve them by correcting what goes wrong. Siscover why digital marketing is so important... Read more

5 questions about email marketing strategy.

Sending e-mail marketing campaigns may require a different approach in terms of strategy and planning. Read this post and answer the following questions before sending mass e-mails to your contacts! Read more

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