Why using social media channels

Do you know that social media can significantly help your company grow with as little as a few clicks? Still not convinced? So, what about if you could increase conversions and leads and very little or no money? Read this article if you are interested in increasing your business efficiency. Read more

How to deal with customer complaints in an online environment?

Dealing with online complaints may not always be a bad thing. Understanding the customers needs can help improve your business. But first of all you should know some basic tips that can help your company deal with the virtual “trouble makers”. Read the following post to find out more. Read more

8 tips on how to attract clients attention through e-mails

Sending bulk e-mails to a group of contacts may not be enough if you seriously think of increasing your conversion rates. Therefore, what you should remember about is to customize your online communication as accurate as possible. Read more to find out how to get your e-mails more attention. Read more

How to decrease bounce rate - 5 tips

Are you concerned about the bounce rate of your website? Have you tried to lower it, but without success? Then, read this post to find out what to do to keep visitors longer on your website. Read more

Decent email marketing conversion rates

Serious marketers do not send e-mails to their contacts without any purpose. They always have a specific intend such as increasing sales, informing about new product, sending a promotional newsletter. But what really counts nowadays is not the number of messages we send but the final result – the effectiveness of our e-mail marketing campaigns. Read more

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