Customer relationship: the importance of digital presence

That digital presence is essential when we are already tired of talking. This is very important because of the major online media that enables a two-way relationship where the consumer can communicate with the company and wide open, exposing their problems as well as complaints and questions. Read more

How to optimize my blog: Tips to improve your position in search engines

If you work with a personal or company blog content make sure to read the following tips on how to optimize and improve the position of your blog in organic search results! Read more

7 important tips for sending email marketing campaigns

What if one day you realize that your business starts generating less profit than before and you are not sure where the problem is?! There are many new opportunities that you can take into consideration to improve the efficiency of your company Read more

How to stop getting junk email

If you are one of those who daily receive tons of unsolicited e-mails, then you will find our tips useful! Read this post and reduce the number of junk messages in your Inbox. Read more

What is Phishing and Anti-Phishing in the e-mail marketing world?

Do you know what Phishing and Anti-Phising mean to marketers? Get to know more about this message that aims to acquire illegal data via email. Read more

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