Emailmanager’s Clients do not need to worry about the OpenSSL Security Problem

Last week was published in the Internet a security failure in the OpenSSL Software. This failure exposed user’s information and some Internet services were at risk. OpenSSL is a library used in cryptography and it is offered by several Internet services, Softwares and Email Protocols. Read more

4 Motives that might Encourage your Contacts to Cancel your Subscriptions

There are many reasons that might lead your contacts to cancel the subscriptions they have with your company. Nevertheless, did you know that is possible to know the main reasons that make them cancel the campaigns? Take action! Improve your campaigns in order to decrease the cancelation rate. Read more

Now emailmanager helps you benchmark your campaigns!

We created a new benchmarking tool that evaluates your campaigns against similar campaigns from all around the world. See how we implemented this and how it will help you on your email marketing deliverability here! Read more

Do you know what SPF (Sender ID) and DKIM (Domain Key) mean?

These configurations are important for your Email Marketing campaigns. Today we explain both terms to you. Read more

Email Marketing in Easter: Planning is the keyword for the success of a campaign

The calendar is always an excellent ally while planning the email marketing campaigns. The business opportunities, when planned, have more chances of success and consequently, higher profit. Read more

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