The MUST HAVE unsubscribe button in Email Marketing

Not including the unsubscribe button in your email marketing campaigns can bring serious problems for the IP reputation. Therefore, Emailmanager now oblige all the clients to include it in their campaigns. Read more

Automatic Email Marketing and Auto-Response – How does it work?

Automatic emails can be really useful. They are easy to set up and they allow you to save time and optimize your resources into more important areas of your business. Read more

Understanding the difference between a Dedicated IP or a Pool of IPs

The past weeks we have been commenting about the difference between using a dedicated IP or a Pool of IPs. The correct answer is: depends on the communication strategy you have. You need to make the decision based on your goals and needs. Therefore, the right question is: Which one is the best solution for me? Read more

5 Digital Marketing Golden Opportunities that will make you increase Sales

Digital Marketing is not a trend anymore. Nowadays, Internet is a promising business field and it doesn’t look at sectors. It is strictly necessary to offer your customers a digital experience. Read more

eCommerce is Acquiring Clients with Email Marketing

With a growing market and stronger competitors, nowadays has been harder to obtain more clients. It is necessary to dedicate time to know the consumer behavior trends in order to increase sales. In today’s post we share some tips on how to take advantage of the opportunities that email marketing brings for eCommerce businesses. Read more

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